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July 2021

Tiffin School now has its first cohort of alumnae.

Welcome to the Tiffinian Association all 2021 leavers!


8 November 2019                                                             The Tiffin Alumni Annual Dinner

The Tiffin 1999 contingent was particularly strong this year, but we were honoured to have a pupil from the 1944 cohort celebrating 75 years since he left Tiffin School.

His Honour Judge Paul Dodgson (1979) gave the after-dinner speech, particularly describing his father Reg Dodgson's time with Coastal Command during WWII, before coming to teach physics at Tiffin School. Reg finished his career at Tiffin as Deputy Head.



26 June 2019                                                                 Tiffin Summer Alumni Reunion

A warm evening in the Head's Garden provided the perfect setting for this year's Summer Alumni Reunion. The evening started with a selection of well known songs, in an a capella format, sung by 'The Tiffininians' group. A tour of the School by John King then followed. The tour included the Main Hall, where photographs and items from the last 75 years were on display.

9 November 2018                                                            Tiffin Alumni Dinner

This was the first Alumni Dinner to be held in the new Dining Hall since it was completed.

Simon Tupper, one of the architects of the building and a Tiffin Alumnus, told how the School site had been an out-of-season storage area for circus equipment when it was purchased for the School, and described the buildings which had been erected since the 1928 building and future building plans.



13 September 2018                                                        Tiffin 2018 Leavers' Celebration

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, ex-Head of Wellington College and political author presented the prizes at the event.  He told the 2018 leavers that they should continually remind themselves why they are at university, they should be organised and in charge of their own lives (including their washing!), that they should remember that their time at Tiffin has set them up well for the future and that they will find that the best friendships they make at school will probably still be there in 40 years time.


The 60th Anniversary of the Tiffin Boys' Choir

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Tiffin Boys' Choir, the Tiffinian Association has gathered photos of the Choir to add to the School's Archives. Many thanks to all who have sent in photos of the Choir - we are so pleased with the new photos we have gathered! One of the photos even includes a photograph of John Walker, the esteemed Founder of the Choir.

To view the photos of the Choir, please click here


10 November 2017                                                      The Tiffin Alumni Dinner celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Tiffin Boys' Choir

120 guests, 30 Tiffin choirboys and 8 'Tiffinians' gathered for the Dinner at the Antoinette Hotel, Kingston to celebrate the formation of the Tiffin Boys' Choir in 1957 by John Walker. We were delighted that former Tiffin Choir Directors Neville Creed, Richard Cooke and Simon Toyne were able to join us, along with the former Director of Music, David Nield, many other former Tiffin music staff and even some alumni who had been members of John Walker's original Tiffin Choir.

The School Choir began the evening by singing Britten's ''Rejoice in the Lamb', the Spanish song 'Riu Riu Chiu' and the Tiffin School Song 'In Days of Old', written in 1929, 'In Days of Old'; 'The School's a-capella group 'The Tiffinians' closed the evening by singing a selection of songs, including Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe'.


For futher photos of the event, please click here


To see other photos of the event, please click here

Anyone who wishes to race in September 2018 can register with the Tiffinian Association.

24 September 2017                                                          Old Tiffinian Skiff Marathon

The 104th OT skiff race took place on a glorious, sunny day. The crews were capably umpired by OT John Robert. The crews were set off at intervals according to their deemed handicaps. The times of the crews were the slowest for many decades due to the river conditions and were no reflection of their performance.

1st Tilling/Kapica 24.54 minutes Fastest Crew Trophy

2nd Powell/Gattey 25.41 minutes Handicap Crew Trophy

3rd Cruddace/Ellis 27.01 minutes

14 September 2017                                                        Tiffin 2017 Leavers' Celebration

2017 leavers' parents and the Tiffin teaching staff gathered to congratulate the students of their academic results and celebrate all that the boys have contributed to the School during their time at Tiffin. Phil Phillips (1974), Chair of Governors and Ken Olisa OBE, Lord Lieutenant of London spoke and they presented the boys with their prizes and Tiffinian Association ties. Ken Olisa reminded the leavers that university is about more than just gaining a good degree. It's about getting involved with activities, working out who you are and setting yourself on a course to do good in your life.



To see other photos of the evening, please click here

Pictured below are some of the 2007 alumni who attended:


And some of the 1997 alumni who attended:


30 June 2017                                                               Tiffin Alumni Summer Reunion

Alumni who left in years ending with '7' were particularly encouraged to attend in order to celebrate their milestone year and we were delighted to see so many making the effort to carch up with their contemporaries and the School.

Although older alumni weren't familiar with many of the buildings on the School's site, they were happy that they remembered much of the main building (such as its brass bannisters) and they commented on how the condition of the School had improved since the post-war period.

Many alumni remarked that they were looking forward to coming back to see the completed new canteen.

More photos of the event (taken by OT John Pullan) can be viewed by clicking here.





11 November 2016                                                    2016 Tiffin Alumni Dinner

As the School Hall was not available for the Dinner this year, due to the work rebuilding a new kitchen, dining room and classrooms for the School, it was held in the Cedar Room of the RAC Epsom. The occasion was an opportunity to pay special tribute to Tony Millard, who is standing down as Chairman of the Tiffinian Association after over 40 years of sterling service. It was good to see so many Tiffinians attending the event and so many accompanying partners.



To see further photos of the evening please click here.


                                   Start         Finish       Actual
Powell/ Roberts             0          23.12        23.12
Ellis/ Cruddace          3.01         24.13        21.12
Tilling/ Lawson          3.45         23.28         19.43
Gattey/ Powell           3.56         24.02         20.06  

18 September 2016                                                  2016 Tiffinian Association Skiff Marathon 

The 8 competitors and the race spectators met at Dittons Skiff and Punting Club on a still, autumnal morning. The competitors ‘leisurely' rowed up to the start at Hampton Court Bridge before the handicapped race was officially started. The race was narrowly won by Ashley Tilling and David Lawson (2015 winners: Gattey/ Powell) with the handicap trophy going to Andy Powell and John Roberts. Thanks to Tony Ellis and David Gattey for organising the race.                  
Click here for photos of the race      


15 September 2016                                                   2016 Tiffin Leavers' Celebration

The 2016 leavers' parents and the Tiffin teaching staff gathered to congratulate the students on their academic results and to celebrate all that the boys had contributed to the School over their time at Tiffin.  James Berry, MP for Kingston and Surbiton, spoke and he and Phil Phillips (1974), Chair of the Governors, presented the boys with their prizes and their Tiffinian Association ties

Click here for more photos of the evening



Click here for more photos of the evening


24 June 2016                                                          Summer Alumni Reunion

We had a good turnout of Old Tiffinians at the event and welcomed back alumni who left from all years, including some from the 1956, 1966, 1976 and 1986 years.

The evening included a tour of the School which allowed everyone a last look around Tiffin School's post-war, prefab canteen before it's pulled down in the autumn to make way for its replacement.

May 2016

Tiffin School has been successful in its bid application to the Education Funding Agency (an arm of the Department for Education) for funding for a new building. The new building will consist of a new larger dining room and kitchen on the ground floor and five new classrooms on the first floor. It will be built in the style of the Dempsey Centre (containing the library) and as the School moves forward will be a significant addition to the School's facilities.



For more photos of the evening, please click here

12 March 2016                                                            2016 Tiffin School Oxbridge Dinner                         (The Brian Holden Memorial Dinner)

Tiffinians from as far as Ireland, Scotland, Somerset and Kent congregated at Emmanuel College. The evening was organised by Old Tiffinians Mark Darby (1977) and Richard Webber (1977). The Rev Canon Patrick Hobson MC (1951) led a sung grace before the dinner  and we were delighted to see a good number of former Tiffin teachers as well as alumni at the event.

Brian Holden (1954) was remembered as the instigator or ghe dinners, some held in Oxford, some held in Cambridge, and was toasted by those present.


A memorial page is being set up on this website. 

To view the page please click here

If you'd like to add your memories or photos of Denis, please send them to TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk


Denis Bloodworth (1927-2016)

We are sad to announce that ex-Tiffin teacher, Denis Bloodworth passed away on Saturday 23rd January 2016 at the age of 88. 

Denis graduated in botany from Bristol University and started teaching at Tiffin School in 1950, going on to become Head of Biology. While at Tiffin School he established and directed the school orchestra, concert band, swing band and recorder group. He composed incidental music for school plays and for the school musical groups, and arranged a wealth of music for a variety of groups, including the National Youth Music Theatre. He also started a school photographic society and took many school groups on holiday to Europe. He was a great inspiration to many Tiffin biologists, musicians and photographers.

12th December 2015                                                63rd Thames Hare and Hounds Alumni Race

Old Tiffinian Sean Renfer (2006) won the individual section of the  Alumni Race on behalf of Tiffin School! He came first in a field of 217 runners from many well-known schools at the 5 mile course on a muddy Wimbledon Common.  He was cheered on by OT Oliver Garner, who wasn't running due to an injury.  

Hopefully we will have a Tiffin Alumni team running in next year's group event...


13th November 2015                                                2015 Alumni Dinner & 2005 Reunion, combined


2005 Tiffin Leavers, students from other years, ex-staff, governors and trustees attended Mike Gascoigne's first Alumni Dinner as Headteacher.  2005 Head Boy, Jack Kelly, toasted the School, wondered at the range of careers of boys in his year and brought to everyone's attention the fact that the marriage rate of 2005 Tiffin leavers was significantly lower than the average rate in the country...

Click here for photos of the evening

The Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Mary Clark, attended the recent celebration of the Tiffin School leavers.  The boys said a fond farewell to their friends and teachers at the event which was their final opportunity to all meet before moving on from Tiffin School.  Most of the Upper Sixth leavers have now formalised their future plans and are excited about leaving for university or taking a gap year.  The new Headteacher, Mr Mike Gascoigne, said how immensely proud he was of the boys achievements and Mr Phil Phillips, the Chairman of the School Governors reminded the students that they would always be Tiffinians.

To see more photos of the evening, please click



14th September 2015                                               Tiffin School Leavers' Celebration


 26 June 2015                                                         Summer Alumni Reunion


Click here for photos of the evening

The sun shone, the Tiffin Swing Band and Jazz Combo played and almost 100 attendees spent a very pleasant evening greeting old and new Tiffin friends in the Head's Garden.  The School was delighted that alumni returned from all over the world and from all over the UK. There were many alumni whose year of leaving ended with a ‘5', such as the 1965ers who celebrated 50 years since leaving the School.   PLEASE MAKE A SPECIAL EFFORT TO ATTEND FUTURE REUNIONS IF YOUR COHORT YEAR ENDS WITH THE SAME NUMBERS AS THE YEAR IT IS HELD - this way we can ensure that there are others from your year at the event. 

Phil Philips, Chairman of the Governors and Tony Millard, Chairman of the Tiffinian Association made speeches thanking Hilda for her 6 years of dedicated service as Head of Tiffin School.

OT Douglas Belcher VC 

May 2015: A moving service of commemoration of a memorial stone to Old Tiffinian, Douglas Belcher VC (1903), the Tiffinian who ‘saved the right flank of the 9th division' at Ypres in 1915, took place in Surbiton. Among those present were representatives of Tiffin School and a number of Tiffin alumni. The Tiffin School Choir sang and afterwards met Johnson Beharry, the Lance Sergeant in the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, who won his Victoria Cross for valour  in Iraq in 2004

On the 13th May 1915 Lance Sergeant Douglas Walter Belcher was serving with 1/5th Battalion of the London Regiment, The London Rifle Brigade (LRB), in Belgium during the Great War.  He was situated South of the Wieltje-St Julien Road, and whilst in charge of an advanced breastwork during a fierce German bombardment, he decided to stay and defend the position with a handful of men even though the troops near him had been withdrawn.  Throughout the day, he fired at the enemy, who were 150-200 yards away, whenever he saw them collecting for an attack.  His bold stand prevented the enemy breaking through.




Work Experience Placements for Year 11 or Year 12 Tiffin Boys

Tiffin boys benefit immensely from work placements. They are encouraged by the School to apply for one or two week placements at the end of June in their chosen field.  If you are able to offer a work placement to a Tiffin boy in Year 11 or 12 (aged 16 or 17) please could you fully complete and submit the Work Experience Submission Form?

Offers will be compiled by Helen Varley, the School's Careers Officer(hvarley@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk). 

Please complete and return a form for each placement that you can offer:

Work Experience Submission Form

Thank you.

The Governors of Tiffin School are delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Gascoigne as the new Headteacher from 1 September 2015 following the retirement of the current Headteacher, Hilda Clarke.

MG photo


Mr Gascoigne has been Deputy Head at Tiffin School since 2009, and was previously Head of History and Head of Sixth Form here.  He has had various roles on the Senior Leadership Team at Tiffin during the last 10 years.

Mr Gascoigne and Miss Clarke will be working closely together to ensure a smooth transition in the Headship and preparation for the future growth of the School.

Chairman of Governors Phil Phillips (1974) said "we are confident that Mr Gascoigne will lead the School into its forthcoming period of expansion and growth, and that he has the vision and ambition needed for such a high performing and successful school".

Mr Gascoigne said "I am delighted to be taking on the headship of Tiffin School at such an exciting time in the School's development. Tiffin provides an outstanding breadth and quality of education, which we are going to be offering to even more young people as we expand.  It has a great future ahead of it as part of the education community in Kingston."

Tiffin School Sports Day and Cricket records have been linked to the TiffinFriends website. 

Are you listed??? 

 Click here to view the Tiffin School Sports Day Records, going back to 1958

Click here to view the Tiffin School Cricket Best Figures & Aggregates, going back to 1958

Click here to view the Tiffin School Cricket Record Partnerships, going back to 1958



14 November 2014                                                        2014 Alumni Dinner

2004 Leavers joined other Tiffin alumni, staff and ex-staff for pre-dinner drinks in the Judge Lecture Theatre followed by an excellent dinner in the Main Hall prepared by OT David Tyrrell (1961),

Click here for photos of the evening

14 September 2014                                                    2014 OT Skiff Marathon

Five crews competed in the 101st OT Skiff Marathon with one new competitor, John Bevan (1975), followed by a good crowd of supporters on a lovely autumn day.  Last year's champions   Ashley Tilling (1974) / Peter Lawson (1974) were determined to defend their title and had to overhaul multiple winners, David Gattey (1971) / David Powell (1974) coming down the last straight to Kingston Bridge. After the event the trophies were presented by OT Chairman, Tony Millard at Dittons Skiff and Punting Club whose generous support for the event is greatly appreciated.

The plan is to move the event back to May in 2015. Look out for the date in due course.

Final Results:

Tilling/ Lawson  24.04 minutes     Winners of Fastest Crew Trophy

Ellis/ Cruddace  24.25                  Winners of Handicap Trophy

Kapica/ Bevan   24.34

Gattey/ Powell   24.35

Powell/ Roberts 27.46

Click here for photos of the day




8 September 2014                                                         2014 Leavers' Celebration

2014 leavers, their parents and Tiffin teachers and governors gathered at the newly restored Kingston Parish Church. The leavers received their prizes and Tiffinian Association ties from Hilda Clarke and the Chairman of the Governors, Phil Phillips. Click here for photos of the evening. Click here for photos of the evening

27 June 2014                                                         Summer Alumni Reunion

Alumni, including many 1964 Tiffinians from all over the the country, gathered at Tiffin School for a reunion on a warm summer's evening.  It was 50 years since the 1964 year had left and it was facinating to see photos  which some had brought with them to add to the memorabilia displayed. After a very enjoyable evening the 1964'ers decided to organise yet another reunion later this year!  We were delighted that many 1974 leavers were able to attend and that Mike Burrage (1959) managed to co-ordinate the event with a visit from Australia!  Click here for photos of the evening.

Click here for photos of the evening


Grists, 8 Jan 2014


Flooding prevented play at Grists for most of January and February 2014 due to the unusually wet weather
The Tiffin School Tiffinian Magazine, the Tiffinian 2012-2013 can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Tiffinian Magazine pages 1-36

Tiffinian Magazine pages 37- 72

Tiffinian Magazine pages  73 - 144

(including the Tiffinian Association contribution from page 124)



To read more about the Tiffin Medics and Dentists Society led by Vinoth Ravi, Giles Faria and Aaron Gurmail, please click here.


7 December 2013             

Tiffin Medics and Dentists Society Reception

Medics and dentists who are Old Tiffinians from the Tiffin Boys' and Girls' Schools met pupils from the 6th forms of Tiffin Boys' and Girls' schools who were considering studying medicine or dentistry.  The students got the chance to ask the alumni questions about the application process, career progression and their work. 


19 November 2013

Tiffin School Careers Fair

33 Tiffin alumni with diverse careers, including IT specialists, bankers, army officers, lawyers, chemical engineers and doctors, spent time talking to Tiffin boys from years 10, 11, L6 and U6 at the first Tiffin School Careers Fair. Click here for further photos.

8 November 2013                                                    102nd Tiffinian Association Dinner and 2003 Reunion (combined)

Steve Thompson, playwright, screenwriter and ex-Tiffin maths teacher (whose credits include Dr Who, Sherlock and Silks) was the guest speaker.  He explained that one of the strengths of Tiffin School is that boys (and staff) are encouraged and given space to excel in more than one discipline such as 'rugby & choir' or 'maths & drama'.  He vividly recounted stories of parents' evenings he'd been involved with at the School.  Maybe we'll see these dramatised one day! David Tyrrell (1961) was presented with a picture to mark his impending retirement and to thank him for superbly catering for 20 Tiffinian Association dinners. We were delighted that more than 100 attended the evening, including a large contingent of 2003 leavers.


Click here for more photos.


Tiffin Leavers' Celebration, September 2013

Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times was the guest speaker and told the boys to push themselves further than their comfort zone in order to achieve in their careers.  The 2013 Leavers received their prizes and Tiffinian Association ties from Hilda Clarke and the Chairman of the Governors, Phil Phillips.  Click here for more photos of the evening.

To view the 2013 university destinations, click here.

To view the 2013 university courses, click here.

The Tiffin School Summer Reunion, July 2013

Ex-students and teachers gathered in the Head's Garden on a sunny evening, despite Andy Murray battling his way through the mens' semi-finals at nearby Wimbledon.  We were delighted that Richard Plummer, Head of the Tiffin Art Department attended this, his last event, before leaving Tiffin School. 

To see photographs of the evening please click here.


Brian Alec Timothy Holden (1935-2013)


Please see the June and October 2013 editions of Tiffnews to read eulogies given by friends of Brian

Old Tiffinian, Brian Holden (1955) sadly passed away on Sunday 19th May at the age of 77.  

After leaving Tiffin School, Brian read modern languages at Cambridge and later returned to teach at the School for many years.  He continued to be a strong supporter of the School and the Tiffinian Association throughout his life.

This linked page contains memories of Brian. If you have recollections you'd like to share, please send them to TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk and they will be added to the page.



OT Centenary Skiff Marathon, May 2013
This was a superb day, seamlessly organised by Tony Ellis (1980).  Old Tiffinians converged on Thames Ditton from all over the UK to take part in the event and to spectate. An enormous cake was provided by David Powell (1974), decorated with the Association's logo. 
Click here to see further photos of the day.
Click here to see the Skiff Marathon programme showing the history of the race, written by Dickie Rumble and Tony Ellis. 
The 2013 results were:
1. Tilling (1974)/ Lawson (1974) - 22.49 - Fastest Crew
2. Kapica (1988)/ Gordon (1974) - 23.18 - Handicap Winners
3. Gattey (1971)/ Powell (1974) - 23.21
4. Pitt (1992)/ Ward (1992) - 23.26
5. Cruddace (1982)/ Ellis (1980)/ cox Ellis (2004) - 24.09
6. Powell (1971)/ Roberts (1970) - 25.27
7. White (1960)/ Gellett (1954)/ cox West (1959) - 26.47
8. Mills (1973)/ Wright (1974) - 26.52 
20 December 2012
Tiffin School Carol Service at Southwark Cathedral
This took place in the magnificent surroundings of Southwark Cathedral - a temporary venue due to the refurbishment of the usual venue of Kingston Parish Church.  Over 700 people attendeded including boys, parents, and over 80 alumni.  The Dean of Southwark, the Very Reverend Andrew Nunn, led the service and mentioned the forthcoming opening of the nearby Shard.  Councillor Mary Heathcote OBE, the Mayor of Kingston attended as a guest of the School.
1 December 2012
2nd Tiffin Medics and Dentists Reception
Having held mock interviews for over 40 Tiffin boys, the Tiffin Medics and Dentists' Society organised its second reception in the Main Hall of Tiffin School.  Alumni of Tiffin School and Tiffin Girls' Schools were invited to talk to current pupils at both schools and to network with each other.  10 alumni and about 30 students discussed admission procedures and the different career pathways available, and compared the support within the two schools.  After 7 years, Kushala Abeysekera, the current Chairman is handing over the reins.  Vinoth Ravi and Giles Faria have volunteered to take over his responsibilities as medical lead; the new dental lead is now Aaron Gurmail.  If you would like to get involved, please contact Alex Swift at                                    TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk.
Please click here to see further photos of the evening
If you were there and would like a copy of the photograph taken of you, either alone or with your friends, then please contact Alex.  For a donation to the TAL funds the Dinner Committee would be pleased to email you one! 
9 November 2012
101st Annual Tiffinian Association Dinner
Over 70 Tiffinians attended the 101st Annual TAL Dinner.  Chris Saul (1972) Senior Partner at Slaughter and May gave the after-dinner speech recalling some of his Tiffin teachers and their impact on him.  He mentioned that he was reminded of and extract of 'If' by Kipling: 'If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs...you haven't grasped the gravity of the situation!'.
We were delighted that Bill Webb acted as Toastmaster at the dinner and that Dave Tyrrell provided such a delicious dinner for the attendees.  Phil Phillips (1972) Chairman of the Governors stood in for the Head, Hilda Clarke as she had injured her back and was unable to attend.
Many thanks to the Dinner Committee of OT volunteers: John Wright, Jack Foster, Roger Keep and Stuart Vidler.
19 October 2012
2002 Leavers' 10-Year Reunion Dinner
57 of the year attended the event, co-ordinated by Gethin Anthony, Michael Javaherian and Dominic Lown.  They were accompanied by some of the 2002 Tiffin teachers.  Frank Whately, now teaching drama at Kingston University, gave the after-dinner speech and remembered how each teacher present used to be 10 years ago!
Click here for further photos of the evening.
20 September 2012
Launch of Old Tiffinian Music Society Reunion
The launch of the Old Tiffinian Music Society by Friends of Tiffin Music was celebrated with a blast of great music from the Tiffin School Swing Band and the close harmony group, The Tiffinians.  Simon Toyne (Director of Music) and the President of the Society, David Nield welcomed Tiffinians to the event.  The Society is being set up to help Old Tiffinians keep in touch and network with each other and promote their own musical events. 
To see photos of the evening, click here.
10 September 2012
2012 Leavers' Celebration
To see photos of the evening, click here.
6 July 2012
3rd Annual Summer Reunion
Blue sky appeared and Andy Murray got through to the Wimbledon men's final on Friday evening, so everyone was in good spirits for this year's Tiffin Summer Reunion.
Over 70 Tiffin alumni, staff and ex-staff met in the Head's garden and then had the chance to tour the School.  
We were delighted that among the guests were Dennis Bloodworth (who taught biology at the School until 1990), Guy Whateley (1976) who lives in New Zealand, Mike Smith (1978) who is back from Canada for a while, John Lamb (1963) who came over from France and James Walsh (2011) who is 'on vacation' from his studies in the US.
There was a particularly good turnout of the 1962 cohort who returned to the School after 50 years!
Dan Godfrey (1941) was the oldest Tiffinian to attend (both an alumnus of Tiffin School and an ex-Tiffin teacher of maths).  His youthful approach belied his 89 years!  
Click here for more photos of the evening
Click here to see more photos of the day.
20 May 2012
OT Skiff Marathon
The four crews raced between Hampton Court and Kingston bridges.  Next year will be the 100th OT Skiff Marathon.  Turn up to compete or cheer the crews on.  If it's a nice day, bring a picnic.  Or just help the winners celebrate in the bar!
As preparations begin for the 2013 Centenary Event, on 19th May 2013 your help is needed.  Do you have any photos, stories or anecdotes from the early Skiff Marathon days until the present?  The search is on for young(er) OT's; anyone who has sculled at the school should be to manage a skiff boat.  If you're interested in forming a crew next year (2 skiffers + 1 cox) please contact OT Tony Ellis (1980) at tony.ellis@ge.com.  
20 April 2012
Old Tiffinian Professor John Love (1961) recently returned from Australia to spend two weeks in the UK.  He is currently the Head of Photonics Teaching at the Australian National University in Canberra.
During his visit, we were lucky to have him back at Tiffin School where he delivered a lecture to sixth form students from both the Girls' and Boys' schools.  John's specialisation is fibre optics and this fitted perfectly to the Lower Sixth Form's recently covered topic of waves.
John described how sound is carried between phones via fibre optic cables buried under streets and oceans.  After the initial costs of laying the cables, the cost of sending messages is negligible. 
John gave the students many up-to-date examples of the uses of fibre optic cables and described how the technology is advancing in many areas of human endeavour.  The talk was both informative and inspiring.
8 March 2012
Tiffinian Magazine Now Online
It has been divided into two sections:
14 February 2012
Tiffnews has changed!
As part of an effort to update our communications and reduce postage costs, Tiffnews will no longer be a printed pamphlet. The new Tiffnews will be an online publication which amalgamates the content of Tiffnews with that of the Tiffinian Association's online bulletin. Tiffnews will be distributed to alumni and friends of the school by email each half-term - currently over 2,500 people (and growing!).
Additionally, a new annual printed newsletter will be introduced, edited by Gareth John (2003). The first edition will be posted in October 2012.
Old Tiffinian and ex-Tiffin teacher, Brian Holden (1955) has recently stepped down from his position as the Editor of Tiffnews, the publication for alumni of Tiffin School. He has been in this voluntary role since September 2003 and has been vital in keeping alumni in touch with the School and the Tiffinian Association. We're very grateful for the excellent standard of Tiffnews over the last 13 years.
If you wish to be on the distribution list for Tiffnews please email TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk
You can contact Gareth John on tiffnews.editor@gmail.com. The deadline for material for the next edition of Tiffnews is 23 March.
Brian Holden, Tiffinian Association Trustee and Editor of Tiffnews since 1993
7 February 2012
Tuesday 7th February 2012, The Tiffin School House Singing Final took place in the School Hall. One of the most special events in the Tiffinian calendar - four unison songs and three part-songs compete for the trophy, as well as a number of treble and ATB solo songs. The school was delighted to welcome as adjudicator this year Neville Creed, Music Director of the London Philharmonic Choir. He was Director of Choral Music at Tiffin from 1988 to 1991. As always, it was a highly entertaining evening. 
11 November 2011
100th Tiffinian Association Dinner
The Dinner Committee (John Wright/Jack Foster/Roger Keep/Gordon Mylchreest/Stu Vidler) again organised another excellent evening.  OT David Tyrell's catering company provided the dinner before Derek Wood CBE QC greatly entertained the guests with his reminiscences of his admission to the school, school boxing and being reprimanded by his English master. Click here to view more photographs of the evening.
29 October 2011
Tiffin Medics Society Meeting
Old Tiffinian doctors, dentists, medical students, dental students and current Tiffin students met to discuss how the group could be beneficial to medical/dental Old Tiffinians and prospective Tiffin medical/dental students.  We were very glad that a couple of Tiffin Old Girls also attended!  To see photos of the evening, please click here. 
The School is delighted that many of those present returned to the school in November to conduct mock interviews for prospective medical/dental students.  The boys found the experience very helpful, and in their enthusiasm have agreed to set up a School Medic Society to meet and discuss the various medical issues raised in the interviews.If would like to join the Old Tiffinian Medical Group or might help with future interviews for Tiffin U6 students who wish to pursue careers in medicine and dentistry, please contact Alex Swift at TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk
19 September 2011
Tiffin School Leavers' Celebration at Kingston Parish Church.
Despite the guest speaker, Zac Goldsmith MP, being unable to attend due to sickness, the evening was an entertaining and fitting tribute to the 2011 leavers. 
Summaries of the prize winners achievements, written by their teachers, were read by current prefects.  The guests heard how the boys excelled not only academically in their AS and A level results, but also in their sports and community service.  The 2011 leavers, their parents, staff and other invited guests ended the evening at a reception within the Church.  
We wish the students well and hope that they continue to keep in touch with each other and with the School.
23rd July 2011 to 6th August 2011


29 July 2011
To coincide with the Tiffin School Choir's tour of Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth a reception was held at the British Consul-General's Residence in Sydney for Tiffin Alumni.
The Consul-General, Richard Morris and the Head, Hilda Clarke both welcomed those present.  We were delighted that Vanessa Ward, the Head of Tiffin Girls' School, on holiday in Australia, was also able to attended the evening.
The Old Tiffinians ranging in age from their 20s to their 80s reminised with each other about their time at the School and caught up with the latest School news from the Tiffin boys and staff.  
The highlight of the evening was the performance by 'The Tiffinians' the School's close harmony group, which performed unexpected pieces such as a Michael Jackson song as well as the Postman Pat theme song!  Those present were particularly surprised and pleased to hear the boys perform the Tiffin School Song.  We look forward to hearing news from the Australian Alumni Group. 
 Click here to view photos of the evening.
1 July 2011
A reunion event for all alumni and friends of Tiffin School took place on Friday 1st July 2011 in the Head's Garden at the school. Head Teacher Hilda Clarke said a few words, and a crowd of Tiffinians of all ages spent the evening enjoying the sunshine, catching up with old friends and teachers, and taking tours around the school. A photo gallery is online here, and a full report will follow shortly.


24th June 2011

2001 Leavers' Reunion

Click here for photos


9 April 2011
Old Tiffinian FC win the London Old Boys Challenge Cup!
OTFC firsts beat Queen Mary 2-1 in the Final at the LSE Sports Ground in New Malden to claim the cup.
Full match report on the OTFC page.
01 May 2011
The Tiffin Medics Society has now been created
The group is open to:
  • alumni of Tiffin School who are doctors and dentists
  • alumni of Tiffin School who are studying medicine and dentistry
  • current Tiffin pupils who are aiming to study medicine and dentistry
The proposed aims of this group are to:
  • provide resource for Tiffin to aid medical/dental admission process with current students and doctors/dentists
  • provide a networking opportunity for medic and dentist alumni
  • provide resource for Tiffin boys for work experience placements
Kush Abeysekera (2005) who is organising the group, is hoping to arrange an initial meeting early in the Autumn. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved. 
17 March 2011
17 March 2011
House Championship League

The six houses increased to eight on 14 March 1947. The Tiffinian magazine does not mention how the names Churchill and Montgomery were selected or how boys were redistributed. Only two staff were assigned to each of the new houses. The reason given was that the number of boys in the school had risen to 630.

At the start of the academic year 1964-1965 the number of houses was reduced to six. The names were ‘retained so that their identity was not lost', but no reason was given why they were joined with Gordon and Kingsley. The boys in the two houses were redistributed among the other houses but there is no mention of how this was done. The reason for the change was the ‘reduction in the size of the school imposed by the LEA'.

The house system was introduced by the Head T. Dean in the Autumn term of 1919. Again there is no mention of how the names were chosen.

5 March 2011
The 2011 Oxbridge Dinner was held in the hall at St.John's College, Cambridge.
After pre-dinner drinks, the Revd. Patrick Coghlan said grace.  Then a delicious four course dinner was enjoyed by all.  The Headteacher, Hilda Clarke spoke about a Tiffin School Inspection Report she had recently been given, dated 1925!  She also described a planned new building which would improve the school facilities, particularly for the sixth formers. 
After dinner there was time for people to mingle and catch up with other friends and teachers.
The next Oxbridge dinner will be held in 2016!
Click here for more photos of the evening.
6 February 2011
Come and 'like' Tiffin Friends on Facebook!
We are in the process of upgrading our Facebook presence to a more pro-active organisation page, replacing the group which has over 200 members. You can find the new page here.

15 January 2011
Where are we now?
Thanks to Google's Analytics service, we can keep track of how many visitors are coming to TiffinFriends.org from around the world. The results certainly make interesting reading.
Perhaps unsurprisingly most of our visits (around 80%) come from within the UK. But after London (and Teddington!), New York City is our next most frequent user location, with Sydney not far behind. We have had visits from every continent except Antarctica, and are particularly well represented in the US, Canada and Australia.
Over the coming months we would like to produce some profiles of Tiffinians living in far-flung parts of the world, to be featured on the website and in the Bulletin. If you represent one of the scattered visitor dots, and would be willing to take part, please contact Alex Swift.
12 November 2010
The Tiffinian Association's 99th Annual Dinner
Over 112 alumni, governors, parents, staff and Old Tiffs rugby players gathered at the school for the 99th Tiffinian Association annual dinner on 12 November.
After drinks in the new Judge Lecture Theatre, accompanied by video footage of school events in the '60s, '70s, and '80s filmed by teacher Ben Lyon, dinner was served in the Main Hall.
Guest speaker Frank Whately, ex-drama teacher at Tiffin School, entertained everyone after an excellent meal.
Many thanks to the Dinner Committee of John Wright, Jack Foster and Stu Vidler for organising such an enjoyable evening!
Click here for more photos from the evening.
7 November 2010
OT ran the New York Marathon!   
John "Willie" Stockdill (1962), a Rugby Club stalwart, ran in the 2010 New York Marathon  having embarked on a training programme which included running in the "Run to the Beat" from the O2 and the Royal Parks half marathons.  He kindly agreed to run on behalf of the Tiffinian Association Limited and the Neil Desai Foundation.
31 October 2010
Year Group Champions Wanted
Would you be willing to help track down your old classmates? Would you be interested in organising a reunion event?
We are looking to recruit 'champions' who can spare a few hours to help us get in touch with friends of Tiffin School, or who would like to arrange an event through the TiffinFriends.org website.
Email Alex Swift in the Tiffinian Association office for details.
16 September 2010
Tiffin School Leavers Celebration at Kingston Parish Church.
John Inverdale, the BBC sports presenter spoke entertainingly at the evening. 
It was a chance for the 2010 leavers and their parents to meet up before the next stage in their lives.  The evening was attended by current teachers, governors and local dignitaries (and even some ex-Tiffin teachers!) 
We wish the students luck and hope that they continue to keep in touch with each other and with the school.
22 July 2010
Photo Galleries Updated
The online gallery of photos scanned from the school's archives has been updated. It is now divided into decades to make it easier to scan through a particular era. A large number of additional images have also been made available, including a complete set of Lower Sixth form photos from 1985, with names.
Remember, if you would like a higher-resolution copy of any of the images in the archive galleries, this can be arranged in return for a small donation. Contact us for further information.
1 July 2010
Reunion Event to launch TiffinFriends.org
In order to celebrate the launch of the new Tiffin community website at www.tiffinfriends.org, a special reunion event was held in the Head's Garden at Tiffin School on the evening of Thursday 1st July.
Nearly one hundred alumni from across the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 00s mingled with staff past and present against a background of music from the ever-excellent Tiffin Swing Band. Prefects manned a well-stocked bar and gave tours of the school, while Head Teacher Hilda Clarke spoke about her hopes for the future growth and development of the wider Tiffin community. The event marked an opportunity for ex-pupils to meet up with each other and with former teachers, to explore the latest developments on the school site, and to make new contacts from across the range of age groups represented - as well as being a rare chance to drink alcohol in school...
The headline message of the evening was the need for every Tiffinian to lend a hand in the promotion of www.tiffinfriends.org if we are to use it as the basis for many more successful events, contacts and activities in the future. In particular, we need all of you who have already signed up to the site to contact anyone you know who might be interested in joining, to ask them to take a look. That includes classmates, family members, staff, governors, and well-wishers of all stripes.
As this event showed, there is plenty of interest out there in staying in touch with Tiffin; with your help, we want to transform that into concrete benefits for both the wider group of Tiffin friends, and for the school itself. Please do take just a minute to help spread the word - no amount of work by the core group of volunteers who helped set the site up will get the best out of it without you!   
Click on the images above to go to the gallery from this event.
 31 May 2010
New Tiffin Community Website Launches!
Marking the latest stage of a long-running project to bring the Tiffin community closer together through 21st century technology, a new online hub has been launched at TiffinFriends.org.
Combining news, photo galleries, event booking systems and networking opportunities, the site should help users make the most of the numerous advantages that come with being a Tiffinian.

14 September 2009

Tiffin School Leavers' Celebration 2009

Kingston Parish Church



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