Latest News

  • Tiffin School 21C New Building Appeal

    We are delighted that generous donations from alumni, previous parents and current parents towards the 21C New Building Appeal (to fit out a new canteen, classrooms and offices following a government grant of £3 million) now total £130,000.  Thank you to Tiffin donors for your generosity.  However this amount is short of our £200,00 target and there is still the opportunity to donate to this project.

  • Tiffin Choir Celebration and Alumni Dinner

    The Annual Alumni Dinner, taking place on Friday 10 November 2017, will celebrate 60 years of the Tiffin Choir by including performances by the Choir and the Tiffinians.  Tickets can be booked via the Events Page.



Welcome to the Tiffin Friends shop.  If you have any suggestions of products you would like to see available, please contact us.



1. Old Tiffinian Ties

These polyester ties are available from the Tiffinian Association Office and are priced at £15 each (to include UK postage and packing).  To purchase a tie please click here.

There are two designs:            a) pb250290a_400  b)  pb250291a_400   


a) Tiffinian Association Tie: black background with diagonal purple and white stripes

b) Old Tiffinian Rugby Football Club Tie: navy background with fish logo, 2 diagonal purple stripes, 2 diagonal white stripes, OTRFC embroidered in purple thread.


2. Old Tiffinian Golf Society Ties


These 100% silk ties are each priced at £25 each (to include UK postage and packing).   The smart, new design incorporates the Old Tiffinian colours - navy, purple and silver.

Please send an email to TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk if you wish to purchase one

3. TIPRA (Tiffin Parents' Rugby Association) CUFFLINKS


A classic pair of metal cufflinks emblazoned with the TIPRA logo to remember your rugby playing days at the school. They come boxed with post and packing for only £20.00.

To order, please email your name and address to Gordon Brechin from TIPRA at gordon.brechin@cw.com












4. Tiffinian Association Blazers

Tiffinian Association blazers, in the distinctive purple, black and white strips of the Tiffinian Association, can now be purchased at a cost of £180 (all-in delivered UK).


The shell material is a premium quality 265gm fibre dyed flat matt finish 70% wool and 30% cotton, lined in purple viscose, three-button single breasted, two hip patch pockets, one left breast patch pocket plus two inner pockets and three-button cuffs.  Vents are usually omitted since they tend to spoil the drape of the stripes but exceptions can be made.

They are available in chest sizes from 36" to 56" in 2" increments; all in the fittings of short, regular or long. By coincidence, the sizes and  fittings match those of Marks & Spenser.

Delivery times are usually 4-6 weeks.

Please email TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk with the chest size, length of fitting and delivery address that you require and confirmation that you have paid £180 directly into the Tiffinian Association bank account (account number 71886533; sort code 40-26-12) quoting your name as the payment reference.